Look, "no hands"

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  • 12. November
  • 17:30 - 18:15 PM (MEZ)
  • Channel D
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  •  Joe Girling

    Joe Girling

    • Mekon Ltd


This presentation documents a leading European semiconductor manufacturing company's use of augmented reality in the delivery of guided work instructions for technicians on the factory floor.

It covers their initial requirements for hands-free operation, the pilot project and final implementation.

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Delegates will learn the pros and cons of implementing augmented reality for content delivery in manufacturing and service environments.


No prior knowledge required


 Joe Girling

Joe Girling

  • Mekon Ltd

Joe Girling is a qualified mechanical engineer with a strong background in process control and planning documentation for production and service environments. More recently Joe has worked in structured content creation and delivery applications for technology companies including Interleaf, Frame Technology and Adobe.