Informal Learning: What Technical Communicators Need to Know

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  • 10. November
  • 19:00 - 20:00 PM (MEZ)
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  • Professor Saul Carliner

    Professor Saul Carliner

    • Concordia University


Informal learning refers to the skills developed and insights gained outside of formal training and education experiences. Employers increasingly rely on it, noting that workers use web-based informational media like online topics and YouTube videos for on-demand learning. But how does it work? Where does it fall short? Can technical communicators do anything about that? Applying the research by the presenter, this session introduces the topic.

Das lernen Sie

  • Describe the relationship between informal learning and technical communication.
  • Describe how informal learning builds the skills and knowledge of workers and consumers.
  • Design content to promote informal learning.



Has completed at least two technical communication projects


Professor Saul Carliner

Professor Saul Carliner

  • Concordia University

Saul Carliner is a Professor of Educational Technology at Concordia University, and the author of several books on technical communication and training.