Informal Learning: What Technical Communicators Need to Know

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  • Beyond Technical Documentation...
  • 10. November
  • 19:00 - 20:00 PM (CET)
  • Channel B
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  • Professor Saul Carliner

    Professor Saul Carliner

    • Concordia University


Informal learning refers to the skills developed and insights gained outside of formal training and education experiences. Employers increasingly rely on it, noting that workers use web-based informational media like online topics and YouTube videos for on-demand learning. But how does it work? Where does it fall short? Can technical communicators do anything about that? Applying the research by the presenter, this session introduces the topic.


  • Describe the relationship between informal learning and technical communication.
  • Describe how informal learning builds the skills and knowledge of workers and consumers.
  • Design content to promote informal learning.


Prior knowledge

Has completed at least two technical communication projects


Professor Saul Carliner

Professor Saul Carliner

  • Concordia University

Saul Carliner is a Professor of Educational Technology at Concordia University, and the author of several books on technical communication and training.