New Communication Design for the Information Management Process

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  • International Management
  • 12. November
  • 09:30 - 10:15 AM (MEZ)
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  •  Satoshi Kuroda

    Satoshi Kuroda

    • JTCA


Heretofore, technical communicators have considered the creation of the Information for Use that is included with the products when they are shipped. In addition to pursuing operational efficiency, they have just thought about efficiency in the manufacturing process. However, the information management processes are implemented throughout the life cycles of the subject products. The Information for Use which is produced is subject to managing the quality that is also to be conveyed (delivered) to the people who need it, and to the places where it is needed. The information which is conveyed that is being used is subject to managing the quality that also is used when the products themselves are used.

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In this session, I shall clarify the differences between the communication design that just considers the manufacturing processes, and the communication design which enters into the fields of view whereby the phases are also conveyed and used. Thus, I shall describe how the occupational fields of technical communication technologies and technical communicators should be from here onward.


 Satoshi Kuroda

Satoshi Kuroda

  • JTCA

Representative Director and President of Information System Engineering, Tokyo, Japan. He has been active in developing Technical Communication in Japan for more than 25 years.

Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences

Japan Association for Clinical Knowledge

Health Communication Week Organization

Adjunct Faculty

Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University, Part-time Lecturer
Information System Engineering, Representative Director, President
Japan Technical Communicators Association, Councilor, Chairperson of Planning Committee of Public Activities