Understanding AI and How it Impacts the Technical Writer's Career

  • Presentation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Technical Communication
  • 10. November
  • 11:00 - 11:45 AM (CET)
  • Channel D
  •  Bronagh Synnott

    Bronagh Synnott

    • Wix


This presentation will consider Artificial Intelligence in light of what the Technical Writer ought to know about it – its definition and background, illustrated with some examples. We will explore how human workers utilise and interact with AI. The nature of AI in modern
work will be examined, from the perspective of “AI as an augmentation not a replacement” of human work. There will also be a discussion on how the fields of AI and Technical Writing intersect today.


The technical writer can answer the question, "What is AI?", have an insight into some real-life applications of AI in business fields, and understand how AI is a support to human work, not a replacement.


Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge is needed in relation to AI, but some knowledge in relation to Technical Writing is desired.


 Bronagh Synnott

Bronagh Synnott

  • Wix

Bronagh’s interest in Artificial Intelligence came from having previously worked in the Advanced Technology field on a dedicated AI team, where she gained deep insight into AI’s promise and limitations. Her qualifications include a BA Hons in English Literature and a HDip in Computer Science.