Shifting Paradigms in Version and Change Management: Complex Tasks Require New Concepts

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  • 15. November
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  •  Florian Ziche

    Florian Ziche

    • Noxum GmbH


Historically, technical documentation and product information management have been using different strategies to deal with versioning and change tracking of their data. The ever-closer interdependence of the data pools, however, requires users and system providers to come up with a solution that fits both worlds. Noxum’s novaDB platform proposes applying well-known software development concepts like branching und merging to tackle this challenge.


How to implement dynamic, collaborative data updates and to guarantee stable production data at the same time, when executing standard tasks like price updates, translation management and the creation of new products?


 Florian Ziche

Florian Ziche

  • Noxum GmbH

Florian Ziche ist seit über 20 Jahren als Software-Architekt tätig, seit 2012 bei der Noxum GmbH in Würzburg. Zu seinen Fachgebieten gehören

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