Natural Language Processing (NLP) - a myth or a solid game changer?

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Technical Communication
  • 12. November
  • 11:00 - 11:45 AM (CET)
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  • Thomas Dehaene

    • ML6
  •  Jens Bontinck

    Jens Bontinck

    • ML6


Our goal is to provide an overview of the possibilities of AI, with a strong focus on NLP techniques and algorithms. We demonstrate that NLP is a solid game changer and creates real business value. At the same time we elaborate on the different
techniques and share our learnings on the quality of the different techniques.


The audience will get an overview of the current NLP landscape, with additional
insights on the actual feasibility of certain tasks (e.g. summarization, text generation, text classification, …). Next to these tangible insights on our learnings, we elaborate on some of our use cases to make sure the audience can translate these specific NLP techniques to their business.

Prior knowledge

Knowledge on ML is a plus, we will build up the story for the broader audience.


Thomas Dehaene

  • ML6

Thomas has a strong passion for all things NLP: ranging from new SOTA Language Model papers until putting full-scale text-search systems into production. He has a particular interest and expertise in the area of multilingual NLP, a field that is becoming increasingly developed and important to unlock value for non-English use-cases.
As a Chapter Lead for the NLP Chapter, he and the team observe the landscape and evaluate and refine what is happening into useful best-practices, templates and tips for both internal and external knowledge advancement.


 Jens Bontinck

Jens Bontinck

  • ML6

As Head Of Labs at ML6, Jens Bontinck translates the ML6 strategy to a tactical and operational plan for the Labs team. He enables the team of customer engineers, strategy consultants and enterprise architects to deliver quality and expertise to the customers. He works on a daily basis with the business development team and technical team to engineer a solution for every challenge and to test, define and implement multiple offerings at our customers in Belgium, The UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.