To write the un-write-able Document

  • Software Documentation
  • 09. June
  • 11:00 - 12:00 AM (CET)
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  • CEO Paula Stern

    CEO Paula Stern

    • WritePoint Ltd.


Is reaching perfect documentation like reaching for the stars?

The title song in Man of LaMancha was, “To dream the impossible dream” about reaching the unreachable star. In many ways, the songs message applies to many of us as we go about documenting our company’s products. Does “perfect” documentation exist or is perfection always out of reach? Are we being asked to write “unwrite-able” documents and meet unreachable deadlines? Are we tasked with marching “into hell” for a heavenly cause?

In 2021, what are the challenges and some solutions for improving the flow and the quality of our work? How can we make the unmanageable manageable and meet our employers expections.  This presentation will begin with some of the current realities and discuss how we can improve our working methods to meet even the impossible demands.

Are we endlessly required to go where the brave dare not go? This presentation will show that we can have a hand at ensuring that the demands are reasonable, the deadlines possible, so that in the end the star isn’t unreachable at all.


1. Define the unchanging realities of our job.
2. Indentify common minefields and individual mines that need to be avoided.
3. Finding the best path to work with others and do the job properly.
4. Identify what we need to learn to keep current

Prior knowledge

Listen to the song!


CEO Paula Stern

CEO Paula Stern

  • WritePoint Ltd.

Paula Stern is a senior tech writer from Israel. She is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd. and the lead instructor of WritePoint’s Technical Writing Course. Paula is also the Spokesperson for tekom Israel, a popular blogger and presenter.