How to Rapidly Create Documentation within an Agile Process

  • Software Documentation
  • 11. June
  • 13:30 - 14:30 PM (CET)
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  •  Matt Reiner

    Matt Reiner

    • K15t


Many teams and organizations are talking about "being more agile" but it's hard to know what that actually means. With the many agile framework options available, and the agile manifesto itself saying that agile doesn't value "lengthy documentation", it's hard to understand where documentation fits. This talk explores how agile teams can rapidly develop and deliver documentation alongside their product.


You'll learn how your team can create and deliver documentation throughout the Requirements, Development, Testing, Delivery, and Feedback stages of an agile process.

Prior knowledge

Attendees are encouraged to have a general knowledge of the agile process. We will not focus on a specific agile framework, rather, the higher lever phases included in each.


 Matt Reiner

Matt Reiner

  • K15t

Throughout his time on multiple product teams, Matt has contributed as a scrum master, technical writer, marketer, content designer, video producer, and speaker. He specializes in those weird ways content brings the world together.


He likes using his skills to connect people to the products and resources around them. He loves connecting directly with users, advocating for their needs, and helping create products and resources to help them share what they do best.