Documenting API developer portals

  • Software Documentation
  • 10. June
  • 09:30 - 10:30 AM (CET)
  • finished
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  •  Swapnil Ogale

    Swapnil Ogale

    • Redocly


APIs do not have an interface, right? Most of it is code (actually all of it) that allows business and users to do some incredible stuff across their products. So, what is it that is keeping them from using these APIs to their fullest potential? You guessed it. Good documentation.


In this talk, I will draw on my recent experience with documenting APIs and developer portals to provide a full picture of how they work and where they’re used.


Key takeways:

a. Pain points around API documentation

b. How Developer Portals have evolved and how they effectively are the UI of APIs

c. Skills technical writers bring to API docs

d. Best practices around API dev portals

Prior knowledge

Basic understanding of API documentation


 Swapnil Ogale

Swapnil Ogale

  • Redocly

Technical Writer, Community Wrangler, and Professional Speaker.