Improv[e] your Communication, Storytelling, and Collaboration Skills

  • Workshop / Interactive Session
  • Software Documentation
  • 11. Juni
  • 09:30 - 11:00 AM (MEZ)
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  •  Maryland Sara

    Maryland Sara

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Having only technical skills is not enough to become an effective technical communicator. One must possess excellent communication, collaboration, and listening skills - also known as soft skills. These soft skills are useful to thrive and succeed in fast-paced, complex (and sometimes remote-work) environments.


One effective method to improve and learn these soft skills is through Improv Theatre.

Das lernen Sie

Practing Improv provides the following benefits:

  • Teaches you the values of being collaborative, creative, and positive
  • Allows you to be comfortable with failure and the unexpected, which could be useful in difficult work situations


Anyone can join the workshop as long as they are willing to try new things and have fun.


 Maryland Sara

Maryland Sara

  • Google

Maryland Sara is an experienced technical writer and Improv Theater coach. Based in Dublin, Ireland, she writes technical documentation for the engineers working at the Google Data Centers. She also leads virtual and in-person Improv Theater workshops at Google and through the ImpAct Improv group.